• Sialendoscopy


    The endoscopic approach
    to salivary gland ductal pathologies.

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Benefits of being a fellow are multiple. Fellows are recognized leaders, active in the field of Sialendoscopy. As such, they are the key elements of information and knowledge exchange around the world, within the Society. They participate in meetings and courses. Also, due to their experience in Sialendoscopy, they benefit from a better visibility from patients looking for a specialist for this technique.

Of course, fellows do benefit from the same advantages as members regarding SialendoLINK©, SialendoBASE© and SialendoMED©.


Fellow conditions

Fellow must fulfill following conditions, before applying as such at ISIAL:

  • Having being trained in a proper certified sialendoscopy training center.
  • Having been exposed to an active fellowship within a recognized center practicing regularly sialendoscopies.
  • Having performed at least 50 sialendoscopies as first operator.

Applications need to be sent to the recognition committee of ISIAL .

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