iSIAL Membership and ESTC Courses

The European Sialendoscopy Training Center (ESTC) is the historical training center of the International Sialendoscopy Society (iSIAL). iSIAL Members benefit from special conditions for courses and congresses around the world. You can become and iSIAL Member either by registering an ESTC course (the first year iSIAL Membership is offered), or by registering below.

Due to the COVID-19/actual situation, the course initially planned in March is cancelled.

iSIAL Membership 2019-2020

iSIAL Membership 2019-2020

From Sep 15, 2019 until Sep 14, 2020

Please note that your application will go through the validation process by the specific committee of iSIAL. The commitee reserves the right to accept or refuse all applications.
Uncomplete applications will be refused.

Benefits of being a member are multiple. Members are part of a large network of more than a thousand specialists dealing with sialendoscopy around the world.

As such, recovering regular information about ongoing post-graduate teaching, courses and conferences.

Practically, the member will have access to 3 main services. SialendoMed will provide to members a weekly updated literature on sialendoscopy. SialendoLink is a platform providing free communication among specialists on questions about patients and surgical aptitude. SialendoBase is an international database on sialendoscopy patients allowing retrospectives and perspectives, international studies to be organized.

iSIAL Members will benefit from discounts offers :
  • Discount on registration to Dubaï Meeting
  • 50% reduced registration fee to the Multidisciplinary Salivary Gland Society

Members must be physicians or nurses clinically active in sialendoscopy. Their background can be ENT Specialist, Maxillofacial surgeon, surgeon with specific competence in salivary gland.

The actual annual fee to become a member is CHF90.-