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    The endoscopic approach
    to salivary gland ductal pathologies.

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January 15-17, 2020

After the success of the First International Sialendoscopy Conference in Geneva in 2012, with more than 70 faculties and 250 participants, the International Sialendoscopy Society (ISIAL) is happy to announce the Second International Sialendoscopy Conference which will take place during the 10th Emirates International Conference in Dubai, on january 2020.

This meeting will be a unique occasion to gather sialendoscopy experts from all around the world. The organising committee is composed by a prestigious faculty from International experts in the field, from Europe, The Americas, Asia, and Oceania. More than 100 faculty from all countries will be dispensing a thrilling program over 3 days, including a live surgery and multiples practical video teaching sessions.

January is the best season to travel to The Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and 2020 is the year of the Universal exposition in Dubai.

This conference is endorsed by the European Confederation of ORL (CEORL), the International Federation of ORL Societies (IFOS) and the Multiplidiscinary Salivary Glands Society (MSGS).

Members of ISIAL will have a discount on the registration fees.
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Members of ISIAL will also benefit from a 50% reduced registration fee to the Multidisciplinary Salivary Gland Society.
(CHF 45.- instead of CHF 90.- ).

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